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About fractie SAM

Fractie SAM is the oldest student party of Tilburg university. Our desire is to improve the studyclimate at Tilburg university to a point where all students can fulfill their ambitions. To get to this point, we focus on four pillars: quality of education, students facilities, access to the labor market and opportunity for extracurricular development.


Mission and Vision


We believe Tilburg University students are ambitious during their student life. Whether it is inside and/or outside the curriculum, students want to fulfill their ambitions and maximize their student time. We will ensure that all Tilburg University students will get the opportunity to fulfill those ambitions.

Our four pillars are Four Pillars: Quality of Education, Student Facilities, Access to the Labor Market and Extracurricular Activities. The Four Pillars can also be found below.

  • Quality of education

    We strive to improve the quality of education of Tilburg university. We believe that this can be done by working towards excellent teachers, improved quality of diploma's, improvement of the digital study environment, offering more soft-skill courses & stimulating innovation of education

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  • Student facilities

    Fractie SAM provides the university with ideas of new student facilities. We believe that facilities, such as workspace, sport facilities and facilities for student well-being are backbone for enabling students to fulfill their ambitions.

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  • Access to the labor market

    If we compare the supply of opportunities to access the labor market of Tilburg University  with the supply other Dutch universities are giving, our university is lacking behind. We think that Tilburg University should improve its ties with the labor market

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  • Extracurricular Activities

    As fractie SAM we not only stand for improving only your bachelor or master program, but also want to provide you opportunities for development outside of the usual lecture halls. Currently, it is a great advance to have obtained knowledge about certain soft-skills.

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Board 2019-2020


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