About SAM



Four Pillars

Quality of Education

We strive to improve the quality of education of Tilburg university. We believe that this can be done by working towards:

  • excellent teachers

  • improved quality of diploma's

  • improvement of the digital study environment

  • offering more soft-skill courses

  • stimulating innovation of education

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Student Facilities

Fractie SAM provides the university with ideas of new student facilities. We believe that facilities, such as workspace, sport facilities and facilities for student well-being are backbone for enabling students to fulfill their ambitions.

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Access to the labor market

Things we would like to achieve regarding access to the labor market

  • Professionalization of our career services

  • Better access for international students to the labor market

  • Improved guidance after your graduation

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Extracurricular Activities

Fractie SAM would like to achieve to following things regarding to extracurricular activity:

  • More & better provision of soft-skill courses

  • Being rewarded for doing an internship

  • Ability to pay-per-course during a board

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