Pilot flexstudy

At the end of 2015, both student parties indicated that they were interested in the experiment that Minister Bussemaker eventually supported: flex-studying. The flex-study experiment means that students can pay per subject and thus carry out their side activities in addition to their studies. The  Minister wants to make education more accessible to students and continue stimulating secondary activities. In the University Council of 10 February 2017, the entire council unanimously agreed to the participation and gave green light for  the proposal. Tilburg University is so far the only university that will participate in the experiment. At our university, the experiment means that entrepreneurs, top athletes and informal careers  can pay per subject, with a minimum of 30 ECTS. We will evaluate this experiment after the summer and are very curious about the outcome of this experiment! In view of the flexibility of the informal career, fractie SAM is still arguing in favor of including informal careers in the profiling fund.

Fractie SAM