Reimbursement of the profiling fund

Students who now find themselves in a special situation (top-class sport, disability, pregnancy or special family circumstances) received a monthly allowance equal to the basic grant until the Studievoorschot Act came into force. This amounted to 290 euros. Because the basic grant was abolished, the Board came up with a new guideline for the reimbursements from the profiling fund. First of all, an amount of EUR 200 was proposed. Fractie SAM considers this to be unjust in view of the loan system, the tuition fee rate, which is only increasing, and the profit motive. After this, the College came up with a new proposal of EUR 250. We still did not agree with the College's thinking, because the total amount to be spent will remain the same in the future. We made this known in a detailed speech in the University Council of 10 February. The result was successful! The student will not have his remuneration from the profiling fund reduced thanks to fractie SAM!

Fractie SAM