Inititiative proposal: formative testing

A high quality assessment is important, because it contributes to the quality of the diploma and in a broader sense the quality of higher education, and to the learning process and development of the student. A diploma is actually little more than the sum of the results of tests. At the moment, both at this university and at many other universities, the form of testing is almost always summative. This means that it is based on results, for example the student has passed the course with a final test, or not. A new testing policy is currently being drawn up for the coming years. Student Party SAM is in favour of including a different, more stimulating form of testing, namely formative testing, in this policy. Formative testing is a form that provides more insight into the student's learning process. This is done by providing interim feedback on the student. This can be peer-to-peer, with self-assessment or teacher-student, it can also be both oral and digital.

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