Initiative on Student Wellbeing

Student well-being is a much-discussed topic nowadays, but it is a very abstract and complex subject that covers many different situations. We know that Tilburg University wants to actively assist students with limitations, mental health issues or just students that are struggling sometimes. However, there is no task force that focuses on student well-being and develops concrete action lines. Student Party SAM therefore wants to hand in an initiative where we ask the university to set up such a task force where we would like to participate in. In addition, we also offer an idea that could be used as a concrete action line for the task force ‘student well-being’. We believe that sometimes students may simply need insights and help from someone who knows what it is like to study at Tilburg University. Therefore, student party SAM would like to set up a student-to-student peer counseling program where all students can talk to a trained and supervised student peer counselor and join group sessions/activities organised by these student peer counselors. The main goal of this program is to let students empower their fellow students. 

You can find the full initiative here!

Fractie SAM