Monitoring growth

The university has very ambitious growth plans. It wants to attract thousands more students. SAM asked many questions about this subject: we had questions about the feasibility and consequences of the plans. Not only in terms of the capacity of the facilities on the campus, such as workstations and bicycle parking space, but also in terms of quality of education and teachers. We have been lobbying for the university to invest more in teachers, because this promotes improvement of small-scale education, examination of tests, quality of thesis guidance and the quality of lectures. Especially, since the teacher/student ratio has declined nationwide in recent years. Together with other groups, we have achieved a student/work place and student/cycling ratio, which will be closely monitored, so that the university can adjust these in time when necessary. Moreover, SAM has achieved that a teacher/student ratio is set up and monitored, because teachers contribute enormously to the quality of education!

Fractie SAM