Candidates 2015

These are the 9 candidates who will represent Student Party SAM during the elections of 2014. Read below who they are and why deserve your vote!

#1 - Iris Wester

My name is Iris Wester, I’m 22 years old. Currently I’m a fourth year student of the bachelor Public Administration. I’ve been active with participation with great pleasure for a few years now. This academic year I’ve participated in the Faculty Council of the Tilburg Law School.

I think that students should get more freedom to fill in their own curriculum and therefore are more responsible for their own learning process. Academic education should teach students to think analytically so students can deal with social issues in a critical and open-minded way. To guarantee this it’s important that students get more possibilities to go on exchange, get an internship or do other extra curricular activities. This activities should be better guided and be more stimulated and should even be rewarded by the university. This should not result in a study delay, therefore it’s important that lectures are being filmed so students can follow courses at a distance.

Besides that I think that the university should not only values the academic development of students but also their wellbeing. That’s why I want to devote myself for a sports centre with better care for the sports fields, a nice sports canteen and a wider range of fresh and healthy food on the campus.

#2 - Gijs Kremers

My name is Gijs Kremers, I’m 20 years old and currently I’m in my third year of the bachelor Public Administration. Besides my study, I’m an active student at Vrijspraak, student party of Magister JFT. I represent the interests of the Public Administration students within the Program Committee of Tilburg Law School. In addition, I did an internship at the ministry of Education, Culture and Science last spring.
I believe that education offers a unique chance for students to develop and is the education at the university the foundation for the further live. In the University Council I would like to put effort in small scale education, in which interaction between student and teacher is at the centre. With small scale education, there is room for personal attention. Students will be challenged by the interaction to go further and that makes it possible for students to learn more during their study. Education is one of the basic elements of party SAM for a reason!

With my experience in the student participation at the level of a study and a faculty, I see a challenge in providing a contribution to the participation at the university level. With my passion for education, it is my target to improve the quality of education at Tilburg University!

#3 - Thomas Hordijk

My name is Thomas Hordijk, I am 21 years old and third year International Business Administration student. As an ambitious student I want to develop myself in several areas. That’s why next to my studies I am also active at T.S.R. Vidar and am one of the founders of a fraternity. During my studies I also set up my own company which specializes in sustainable energy projects. Besides that, I have also studied in Taiwan last semester.

I think there are many different types of students. Where one prefers to participate intensively in lectures, others would like a more observant way to experience lectures or even prefer video lectures. Where one student would like to go on exchange, the other student would prefer an internship. I think everyone should be able to make that choice for themselves. That’s why I strive for greater freedom of choice, not only in the form of fewer compulsory lectures and more video lectures, but also in the form of your own study plan. A flexible learning environment where you can take your own approach to your studies. If students get more space to make their own schedule and choices, they also get more possibilities to develop themselves in other areas.

In addition, I am also going to dedicate myself for the well-being of the students. One of the important themes here is sport. I will keep myself engaged in the development and maintenance of sports facilities on campus. Whereas for the topsporters among the students I will also work on the optimization of the topsport status and the exemptions that go with it.

#4 - Willemijn Cauberg

My name is Willemijn Cauberg, I’m 21 years old and I’m currently graduating the bachelor Business Law. At the start of my student life I’ve deliberately chosen to be an active student who would develop herself as broad as possible. With this in mind, I went on exchange to Japan last spring, I’m doing an internship at the moment at Hekkelman Advocaten & Notarissen and since my first year I’m an enthusiastic and active member of T.S.C. St. Olof.

Without Tilburg University I wouldn’t have had this great and various student life and I would like to continue these practices for my fellow students. In Fractie SAM I, as an ambitious and energetic student, want to fight on behalf of you as a student in Tilburg, so you will not only develop academic skills but you will also be able to achieve personal growth alongside your study. A flexible learning environment where you have more influence on the organization of your study program is part of that. That’s why I plead for an online database including all the lectures and for not having two exams from the same faculty on one day. Besides, I believe that the university should stimulate extracurricular activities, like internships and international opportunities, more and without study delay. When looking to the future, this modernization is essential to guarantee the quality of the education.

martijn kandidaat.jpg

#5 - Martijn Pijs

My name is Martijn Pijs. I am 19 years old and in my third year of Psychology, track Psychology & Society. Besides studying, I have been active at Study Association Complex for two years where I fulfill the role of Officer External Affairs as a board member.

Previous year I have learned more about the participation of students on Tilburg University.
Society changes and students change as well. We become more flexible, quicker and eventually more innovative. I deem it of great importance that students in our university are representative for the society we live in. Student diversity is the key to innovation. To achieve progression it is required that students are offered platforms where they get opportunities to discuss.

Furthermore, a pleasant study environment is necessary to maximize student performance. A green campus, good facilities and the maintenance of a tolerant ambiance contribute to this. For the well-being of the students, I strive for more focus on diversity, a university for everyone with a pleasant study environment on Tilburg University.

#6 - Edwin Groeneweg

“Freedom for students”, that’s what I want to achieve in his SAM year. I’m 21 years old and fourth year student Corporate Law. Next to my studies, I am a member of T.S.C. St. Olof and fraternity Kater.
I personally focus on the freedom of students. With the increasing academic nature of universities in mind, I strive for less compulsory tutorials, the introduction of optional tutorials and more video lectures. Students should be reminded of their own responsibility and discipline, and not nurtured by the university.

When every student has freedom in filling in their schedule, there is more time for extracurricular activities. Each student should be given the chance to do something next to their studies. To make that happen, I want to strive for more flexibility. This will clear the path for students to aim for more, without facing study delays.

#7 - Eva Ummelen

Dear students! My name is Eva Ummelen and I am 22 years old. I am currently doing the master Communication and Information Sciences and chose the track Communication Design. Up until last year, I followed the Outreaching Honors Program on top of my study, and this year I have been working as student-assistant at the university. Next year, I would love to commit myself to further improving business at Tilburg University. Especially, I find it important that students get the opportunity to excel by gaining (practical) experience next to their regular study program, for example by doing an internship. At the moment, this often results in a study delay because certain activities do not fall within the scope of the study program, which I find unnecessary and demotivating. This should be arranged differently! Besides that, I find it important that the facilities at the university meet certain standards to make it possible for students to perform optimally. Enough workspaces on campus are an important issue and I want to commit myself to trying to implement a week without lectures before exams.

#8 - Zhasmina Kostadinova

Dear Tilburg University students,
My name is Zhasmina Kostadinova, from Bulgaria, 21years-old, third year Bachelor degree of Liberal Arts and Sciences in Tilburg University. Major: Law in Europe.
Student life is challenging and intensive. Rising competitiveness for excellence and activism is seen as the key to finding a job quickly after graduation. Working while studying, being active in student associations, passing all courses and still having time for social life and sleep– is a great challenge. For me, the Liberal Arts bachelor gives me a constant chance to explore different academic fields and acquire valuable skills and knowledge. Next to my full time study I hold several part time positions – Student Ambassador, Student assistant and a kindergarten teacher. And I am a board member of AWAke International, and an active member of Extra Muros and Tilburg Model United Nations. From my perspective as a busy international student who has its good and bad moments, I am aiming at helping all students in Tilburg University with any difficulties they might experience during their studies. Academic, financial, social troubles – all of them must be named and students when in a need of help should know that Student Party SAM can help. In the meanwhile, the general picture of studying is also important – innovative, welcoming and efficient campus for all students to be able to fully develop their skills.

#9 - Niki Kunst

My name is Niki Kunst and I am 19 years old. I am currently in my second year of International Business Administration. I am an active member of student association T.S.R. Vidar and sorority Beschuit. Last year, I was also a member of the promotion committee of Student party SAM.

Next year, I want to focus on making your student life the best it can possibly be. Not only do I want to improve the level of education, so your degree becomes more valuable, I also want to achieve a perfect environment in which studying becomes more effective, easier and more fun. Besides that, I believe it is important that students are motivated to get the most out of their time here at Tilburg University. Whether they want to join student associations, study associations, honours programs, internships or anything else. The University should create space for this within your study program and I want to try to provide this. You have to be able to design your own student life without the University holding you back. This way, you can be able to achieve anything you want!