Candidates 2016

1. Yara Muller (22) - Strategic Management

My name is Yara Muller and I’m 22 years old. Last year I got my Bachelor degree in Business Administration. This February I started the Master Strategic Management in which I chose the Consultancy track. Besides my studies, I am an active member of student association Vidar, study association Asset Economics and I am co-founding a sorority. As an ambitious student, I think it is important that everyone gets the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. I would like to take the digitalization of education to a higher level next year to achieve this. Since technology has gained importance, some faculties started using video lectures. However, many faculties still don’t and I would like to change that. Developing the Digital Platform will provide more flexibility in the course schedule of students, giving students the opportunity to create a study program adapted to their needs.

Within the context of flexibilization my aim is to achieve the possibility to pay per course at Tilburg University. When courses are used flexible, students will have more spare time for extracurricular activities. Alongside the extra spare time for students, this system ensures that students can save a considerable amount of money.


2. Jeroen Aben (21) - International Business Administration

My name is Jeroen Aben, I am 21 years old and I am a fourth year student Internatinal Business Administration. Beside my studies I am an active member of T.S.R. Vidar and in 2012 I started a fraternity. Since 2014 I started providing consultancy to start-up companies. Furthermore, I spent my last semester at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Next year I would like to commit myself to providing solutions for the capacity problems at Tilburg University. At the moment there are not enough work spaces to provide for all students. Especially during exam periods it is nearly impossible for TiU-students to study on campus. This problem results in a lot of iritation and outrage among students and I think this feeling is justified. In my opinion it is the duty of our university to solve these capacity problems and I want to make sure that this happens next year.

Furthermore I find it important that the quality of English education should be improved. Classes in English should be given by teachers with sufficient knowledge of the English language to ensure good transfer of knowledge. There are still a lot of teachers without this sufficient knowledge and I think this problem should be solved through stricter requirements for teachers and a clear monitoring throughout the year.



3. Anneloes van Delft (19) - Liberal Arts and Sciences

My name is Anneloes van Delft. I am 19 years old and currently studying Liberal Arts and Sciences, following the major ‘Law in Europe’. Next to my studies I am an active member of the student association T.S.V. Plato, the study association Extra Muros and Enactus Tilburg.

Upcoming year, I want to improve the university’s study-environment. In my opinion, it is very meaningful for students to participate in extracurricular activities. Students are in a great position to use their knowledge and passion in order to make a positive contribution to society. By active involvement, students can also gain relevant skills that will enhance their employment opportunities. In order to achieve this, it is essential that Tilburg University offers their students more freedom concerning the structure of their degree. An effective way to achieve more flexibility in study programs is to offer students a semester in which they are free to choose whether they want to follow extra courses, undertake an internship, or participate in extracurricular activities.

Furthermore, the quality of the study-environment strongly depends on the atmosphere on campus.Tilburg University is home to a considerable amount of international students these days and this number is still growing. Since the university’s campus is very diverse,  it is important to create a tolerant environment where the international community is represented well. Next year I would like to commit myself to this purpose by means of an international platform.  


4. Marnick Boelen (23) - Business Economics

My name is Marnick Boelen, I am 23 years old and I am currently a second year student Business Economics. I started my student days at the University of Groningen, but I decided to change my study after two years and continue in Tilburg.

Because of this I was able to experience how proceedings are done at another university. In addition, I have been developing myself during my college years in various areas. While I was studying in Groningen Iwas an active member of G.S.V Vindicat atque Polit and in the past year I was active in the Acquisition Committee of Student Party SAM.

Next year I would like to devote myself to improve student life on and off campus. Especially I would like to focus on the various forms of education. The many students at Tilburg University differ from one another in terms of background, motivation, vision and interpretation on his or her studentship. Some will prefer lectures, while others prefer small interactive seminars. The same applies to the choice between going on exchange, a minor or an internship. I strive to offer all three, so that each student can get the most out of his or her learning environment.

I also think it is important that the university keeps up with the times. An important aspect of this is the further development of the Digital Platform, where students, for example, can watch lectures back online. I also want to ensure that before an examination the possibility is offered to attend a live online Q & A session with the teacher.


5. Romy van Limpt (22) - Dutch Law

Hi! My name is Romy van Limpt, 22 years old and at the moment I’m finishing my Bachelor Dutch Law. At the beginning of my study I became an active member at T.S.R. Vidar. The decision to join this association was an explicate choice as I wanted to combine my study life with the challenges of rowing on a high level. Besides that, I recently became a clerk at the court and I’m involved in organizing activities for law students at student association Magister JFT.

Even though Tilburg is only a tiny place, in my opinion it has an exceptional lot to offer to our students.Every student is different but I believe that every student has his or her ambitions. I want to make it possible that every student has the opportunity to pursue these ambitions. Not only on an academic level but also at social level and sports is an important thing at social level I want to make sure to that the sportcomplex will be supported and that the new sports canteen will be provided. At fraction SAM I wanna put myself out therefore these goals and to make your ambitions to become true!


6. Tim Evers (20) - Psychology 

My name is Tim Evers, I am 20 years old. Currently I am studying in my second year of my bachelor Psychology. I choose the differentiation Psychology and society. Alongside my study am I active member of my study association Complex. I take place in the activity committee and the practice orientation committee. Beside this committee I also applied myself for the promotion of Fractie SAM.

Next year I want to apply myself for the improvement of the digitization on Tilburg University. Part thereof is the increase of video lectures, which improve studying flexible. There are already enough materials and techniques on Tilburg University to make progress. However we have to create support on the teachers to apply these materials and techniques.

Furthermore it is important to have teachers which teach at a high level of English language. The quality of education can be improved when every single teacher has a high level English. There is enough space for improvement, so this opportunity must be taken!

I am motivated to improve the points described earlier, to make Tilburg University a better University.


7. Bas van Weegberg (19) - Public Administration

My name is Bas van Weegberg, I'm 19 years old and first year student of Public Administration. Besides that, I am the president of DWARS Brabant, a chapter of the youth organization of the Greens, as well as campaign manager here in Brabant for those same Greens.

I believe it's of utmost importance that everyone who wants to study, has the possibility to do so, in the way he or she finds best. The university exists to facilitate that as much as possible. That can be done by digitalization of our education, by making sure we have the best teachers out there, and by continuing to stimulate small scale education. Students that want to develop themselves besides their studies, for example in a board year or an honors program, should have the opportunity to do so.

The university, that's us: the students. SAM knows that like no other and is the perfect party to keep fighting in the university council for our student affairs.


8. Maarten Simon (22) - Business Economics

Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Maarten Simon, I’m 22 years old and an enthusiastic Business Economics student. Besides studying, I’m also an active member of the field hockey club SHOT. Mostly for the fun of it, but also to develop myself.And it seems that just that, being active besides your study, is getting more and more important for recruiters during your solicitations. Yet Tilburg University has decided, as most of the Dutch Universities, not to give it the recognition it so deeply deserves. For example, we, as students, have no time for internships while we do have time for an exchange. Exchanges are worth ECTS while internships are not. And it is in things like these I will do the most I can to make your time as a student as appreciated as possible.


9. Jeroen Merkuur (23) - Psychology

My name is Jeroen Merkuur, I am 23 years old and I am currently studying Psychology. Besides studying I am an active member of my study association Complex and Fractie SAM. I also do voluntary work at Humanitas and help organize a three-monthly event that is called GAANDE.

These days as a student you can’t “just” graduate. The new society is demanding more and more of is applicants and Tilburg University should meet this demands. That is why I find it very important that all students can develop themselves in all kinds of areas. The university can facilitate by introducing more video lectures and reducing the number of mandatory lectures. Students are responsible enough to manage their own time and has to be facilitated by the university. It doesn’t matter if you’re a member of a student- or study association, if you want to do an internship or an Honours program, or because you want to go abroad, the university has to offer space for us to develop ourselves through extracurricular activities.

In addition, I think that Tilburg University is paying too little attention to social and intellectual skills like presentation skills and teamwork. These soft skills are a proper preparation for the job market and make the switch to the job market easier. Therefore, my aim is that Tilburg University offers free soft skill-vouchers as well as language vouchers, in order to have the ability to develop and improve your soft skills.