Election Agreement 2016

On the initiative of student parties SAM and Front an Election Agreement to improve the elections has been established in the academic year 2015-2016. All faculty councils have stated their support, just like Tilburg University and the Electoral commitee's office. So quickly read on why the elections will be better in 2016!

From Tuesday April 12th until Thursday April 14th the yearly elections for the University Council will take place. This year the elections got a different approach. This new approach is documented in the election agreement - only available in Dutch - which you can find below on this page or in a PDF-file when clicking here. 

The most important changes are the following:

  • Only the top nine candidates and four current party members are allowed to use electronic devices to ask students for their votes. This means a total of 13 people per student party.
  • The elections next week will exclusively be held on the Tilburg University campus. This means that nobody from SAM or Front is allowed at the train station, the bus station, the Sports Center or anywhere else.
  • The elections are shortened with 1 days and take place from Tuesday 12 until Thursday 14 April.

We want to ask all students to use their voting rights. The participation and co-determination in Tilburg are of high quality and even won multiple prices. The higher the turnout at the elections, the better the position of both student parties in representing the interests of the students of Tilburg University. Therefore use your voting rights on April 12, 13 and 14!