Extracurricular Activities

As members of fractie SAM, we do not only stand for improving only your bachelor or master program, but we also want to provide you opportunities for development outside of the usual lecture halls. Currently, it is a great advance in life if you have obtained knowledge about certain soft-skills. We find it of great need that the university provides language, communication and other courses which can help you in your daily life. Provision of good soft-skills courses goes hand-in-hand with paving the way for better access to the labor market. We as fractie SAM think that everyone who wants to improve him- of herself, should be able to participate in such a soft- skill course.

In addition to soft-skill course provision, we would like to make board years or internship less harmful for someone’s study progress. We believe that an internship should, just like going on exchange, be rewarded with ECTS. When doing a board year, we are convinced that a system where you pay-per-course is much fairer than the current system where you pay the full tuition.

Fractie SAM would like to achieve to following things regarding to extracurricular activity:

  • More & better provision of soft-skill courses

  • Being rewarded for doing an internship

  • Ability to pay-per-course during a board year