Concise and to-the-point! Those are the key words for the 3rd University Council this academic year. After well-founded discussions about ‘The right of consent on the outline of the budget’, the Council agreed unanimously. This outcome is because of the promises of the Executive Board to discuss the pre-investments in the short term with the student parties and because of the fact that faculties truly get the right of consent on faculty investments.

Also, Student Party SAM submitted two initiatives! The first initiative is written in collaboration with AIESEC, Integrand Tilburg and UniPartners Tilburg. Proposed is to grant credits to students for internships, done in the flexible semester*. The second initiative is about the introduction of a lecture free week prior to the exams.

Moreover, Student Party SAM stated during the ‘any other business-round’ that Tilburg University has capacity problems. Because of SAM, new study places will be created in the short term and the university will check if it is possible to open the Montesquieu Learning Center until 11PM.

* In November 2013, Student Party SAM proposed an initiative about the flexible semester. The Executive Board accepted this proposal in April 2014.