Second University Council

This morning, the first planned University Council of this academic year took place. Student Party SAM has submitted an initiative proposal about developing a Digital Platform where web lectures, knowledge clips, MOOC's and DIY-clips will be made available for students, professors and other employees at Tilburg University.

Also, SAM handed in a memo about the communication between students and professors. This memo is on the one hand about the determination of a period in which professors should respond to content-bounded questions of students, and on the other hand about better compliance with the revising time by professors.

During the University Council the first thing to be discussed was the reorganization plan BEST. The Executive Board promised Student Party SAM that there will be a meeting every 2 months with FOSST and the director of Facility Services, and that there will be a structural meeting between the Sports Center and Student Development. Moreover, the students at Tilburg University will be involved in the evaluation of BEST.

In addition, the Grand Initiative Data Science has been discussed extensively and Rector Emile Aarts stated that he would like to look at all the possibilities, in collaboration with SAM, for creating a physical location on campus for the Data Science students. During this process he will also look at a possible location for the Liberal Arts and Sciences students (Extra Muros).