Do you already know the Voice Of the International Students (VOIS)?

The Voice Of the International Students (VOIS) is a new committee established by Student Party SAM in collaboration with international-orientated study and student organizations linked to Tilburg University. With this committee, SAM wants to respond to the current society where internationalization and globalization are key factors.

Tilburg University hosts more and more students from foreign countries, whether it’s for exchange semesters or complete bachelor or master programs. This increase of international students on campus can’t be ignored any more, especially not by SAM. Also, Dutch students are becoming more aware of international opportunities like studying abroad, international internships or becoming active within international minded student associations. Therefore, we want to give the international students and international-minded students a voice inside the university and its participation councils.

Would you like to have more information about the VOIS and its partners? Check the Facebook page of the VOIS!