5th University Council

Despite the full agenda, the University Council of this morning didn't even last an hour. The new (English) master Public Governance was discussed first. Student Party SAM told to be suprised about the fact that Tilburg University intends to stop the Dutch master. Also, we think the decision should be made in the Faculty Council of Tilburg Law School. Besides, we deem the process wasn't desirable and we hope Tilburg University communicates good initiatives better in the future.

Furthermore, the modernization of the lecture rooms in Building C were put on the agenda. This showed that the university wants to change room interiors because of the Tilburg Education Profiel (TOP) whereby the capacity would almost decrease with 50%. Therefore SAM said, looking at the current limited capacity and the possible increase of students, the modernization of the lecture rooms can definitely be a step forward provided that it won't lead to further capacity problems.

Prior to the Council we received responses of the Executive Board about our initiatives. Firstly, the Sports Canteen plan will be worked out extensively so it can be discussed before the summer. Secondly, as a result of our initiative 'Digital Platform' the working group Digitalization in Education has been created and will write a vision on digitalization. Thirdly, the reply on our initiative about soft skill vouchers will be worked out better and sent back soon. Finally, starting today students who want to go to the Scriptorium, which has been a joint initiative by Front and SAM, will be treated equally university-wide.