Scriptorium accessible for all students!

The Scriptorium provides assistance with assignments, such as papers, reports or your thesis. It offers individual help for writing in both Dutch and English, and helps students with searching for relevant background literature, and using specific databases. Furthermore, students may approach the Scriptorium for questions concerning the correct usage of citations and referencing. As a result of a joint initiative of Student Party Front and Student Party SAM, the procedure for admission is the same across all faculties since the beginning of 2016. If you wish to make use of the Scriptorium’s services, you will need to notify your study coordinator or thesis supervisor. They can judge best whether the Scriptorium can indeed help you with your problem or if other guidance is advised. An additional advantage of this renewed procedure is that the progress of the thesis writing can be monitored more closely. This reduces the likelihood that the student will encounter any problems or difficulties.