6th University Council

Yesterday morning the 99th University Council of Tilburg University took place! On the agenda was the 'Final Report Labour Market Orientation' which showed great ambitions of the university. Recommendations like more soft skills in the curriculum and the possibility of interning without study delay will be translated to the implementation plan of the Tilburg Education Profile (TOP). Student Party SAM is very happy with this, but still puts effort in realizing the plans from our initiative proposal from 2013. With this addition students will be able to intern for ECTS, go on an exchange or do a minor without study delay in the flexible semester!

Moreover, Student Party SAM was happy to hear that the Executive Board made great progress with our initiative proposal about handing in assignments and theses only digitally (check our news update from March 16th)! From now on every faculty will have a pilot for handing in assignments digitally. We hope to hear positive responses soon!

Also, our initiative proposal about lowering the fare of the 2nd master has been discussed. Lately we have been lobbying a lot to make the negative response of the Board positive. Therefore we did a final proposal yesterday: finance the costs of the lower fare from the pilot with the pre-investments or later with the income from the student loan system. The University Council thought this was an interesting idea, which therefore will be discussed later on next week. We hope to give you good news soon!