Achieved 2016-2017

-    Internship for ECTS!
Currently you can choose within in the flexible semester between an exchange or to follow a minor. By our initiative proposal “Mobility Window” it will be made possible that you can also choose to follow an internship for study points! We are now starting the lobby to make it possible that internships for ECTS are also possible to obtain in the summer holidays.

-    Sports Canteen
For three years we put up a fight to convince the university to build a sports canteen at the sports fields. As a result, a beautiful canteen will be build and ready at the end of 2017.

-    Paper Submission “Online Only”
From September 2017 and onward it is not necessary anymore to hand in papers in hardcopy. Through our initiative proposal it will be university-wide implemented that papers are to be handed in by online submission only.

-    More Study Places
In April 2017 at least 60 more study places will be made available in a soon to be rented building by Tilburg University.

-    Indexation Board Grants
By a proposal of Student Party SAM the board grants will be indexed to inflation.

-    Pilot “Pay per Course”
Top athletes, caretakers and student entrepreneurs will have the possibility to pay their tuition fee per course. A minimum amount of courses should be more or equal to 30 ECTS.

-    Bike Repair Shop in collaboration with Enactus
Because of our joint initiative proposal with Enactus, our university will give the opportunity to a socially responsible bike repair shop in collaboration with Enactus.