University Council April 7th, 2017

On the 7th of April, the fifth University Council of the academic year took place!

The agenda was not too full. More so, a big part of the agenda were put forward by SAM! All pieces on finances and infrastructure got a positive advice without too much trouble. SAM is proud to report that our hard work and all our questions got a concrete result for you: many workplaces and outdoor workstations will be built this summer! To better inform you about these workplaces, we submitted a memo which requests an interactive map of the campus. This map would show the number of workplaces in a building in one click!

We have more good news on the subject of education: our initiative proposal Honors Academy will be followed up, and we will participate in the action team! Our initiative proposal Valuation of education has also received a positive response. This initiative includes proposals like educational professors. It will be a long process, in which we will stay involved. This process includes a seminar on the 23rd of May, where this subject will be extensively discussed. During the evaluation of the assessment policy, we again named the problems with thesis guidance. This guidance should be good, and equal for all students.

In the Any other business, we brought forward three points. First off, we submitted an initiative proposal about extra study cost. We want this document to lead to guidelines, which means you will never be forced to incur extra costs again. Futhermore, we stressed the need for new methods to reset your password, which do not require going to the campus. This is especially necessary for students who are not required to check BlackBoard for a long period of time. Lastly, we asked for updates to the TiU app, ensuring it will be usable for everyone until the OSIRIS app is introduced.

A full overview of all agenda points and our positions on them, can be found here!