University Council June 2nd

Highlighted by the defenitions of the budget (TMP) and the move to the Spoorzone, the University Council of june 2nd produced plenty of fireworks. These began way before the actual council meeting even took place.

Both the Spoorzone and TMP documents were hampered by procedural errors. In the case of the TMP, the meeting for CFI was postponed of criticism from all parties. Luckily, not all was bad: the council presented Rian van Veggel with a bouquet of flowers for her excellent document on the access gates in the Library.

Media Cluster in the Spoorzone

Together with Fontys and the Municipality of Tilburg, Tilburg University is starting a new initiative in the Spoorzone: a Media Cluster. The new initiative in the city centre will host a Master’sdegree track and maybe even a new library, pending decisionmaking! The University Council gave the green light for the move and collaboration in the meeting.

SAM strongly supports this extension of the campus. Space is running out on our current campus, and bluntly speaking, we cannot burn down the Warande forest. We therefore need to find extra space elsewhere, and the Spoorzone is the ideal location to do so. Furthermore, we believe more students in the city centre will improve the atmosphere in “Student City Tilburg”.

We are looking forward to seeing this initiative develop!


The TMP is a document which sets the boundaries for the budget of the following year, and includes several big projects every year. This year, a new but very relevant part came into play: the “middelen studievoorschot”, the money from the basic student loan. The University Council has right of consent on these means. In a very heated and technical discussion, SAM was able to ensure these means will be used for quality in education only, and that we will receive more than enough information to judge the spending of this money when we discuss the budget.

Furthermore, we took a clear stance against an increase of the price of the sports card. This price increase is intended to cover an investment in the quality of the Sports Center. We of course support this investment, but will be pushing for other means of funding, and will vote against this price increase in July.

Tilburg University is making a big digitization push. SAM supports this fully, but missed a big part from the digitization program DEEP in this TMP: the EDUiLAB, a lab which supports lecturers that want to be innovative in their teaching. Thanks to all questions, the EDUiLAB will be discussed again the OO&I meeting at the end of June.

Short notes

  • In the CFI, we submitted our research results about the outdoor WiFi reception on campus. The results were predictably bad, and even some outdoor workplaces had no WiFi reception at all. The Executive Board promised to work on improving outdoor WiFi reception, thanks to all questions and work from the student parties!
  • After questions from the student parties, the amount of water you can bring to an exam was doubled to a bottle of 1 litre!