University Council July 7th

UC 7 juli.jpg

This morning, the final University Council of this academic year took place. Now, we bring you the highlights:

Sports Card: As we indicated last council, we were firmly against to proposed price increase of the sports card of 20 euros, in 4-year increments of 5 euros. We simply could not defend this proposal to you. However, we also do not want to risk losing sports from the Sports Center, and we can see the football pitch and sports canteen have added significant value. We have therefore agreed to a deal with the board, to raise the fee for the sports card by 5 euros once. Furthermore, we will discuss the funding of the sports center in autumn, and the capacity problems during the housing policy discussion in December. We will try to make sure this 5 euros is the only structural price increase necessary!
Extra study costs: We were glad to see the Rector agreeing with the main lines of our initiative proposal. He agreed it should not happen that assignments need to be purchased to enter a lecture, and offered to help us communicate costs outside of study material cannot be made mandatory. We will see to it students and teachers know this law, and their position!
Numerus Fixus TiSEM: Today we gave our consent to raise the numerus fixus for IBA to 500 in the year 2018-2019. Furthermore, the fixus for Economics was abolished. SAM however is concerned about the proposal to abolish the numerus fixus for IBA altogether the following year. We will strictly monitor this next year, together with ECCO!

Short notes
Student Financial Support Fund: After two years of discussion, we are very glad to see that students affected by force majeure, caregivers, and topsports rowers are included in the fund in a proper fashion, and that we were able to help these groups by proposing these changes!
Strategic Plan, DEEP and TEP: You can expect the “SAM Strategic Update” next week!