Join SAM

bESIDES HAVING A board, fractie sam has many comittees, where you can comtribute to a better university. So, if you have ideas and want to be active outside of your curriculum, don’t be hesitatant to meet us in our room at E206!

Here you can find our committees. If you of them appeals to you, come by in our room!

Internal committee

-        Organizing fun events for the other members, such as monthly drinks or cantuses

-        It’s your responsibility that there is good bonding between all other committee members

-        Writing the SAM newsletter

-        More or less, the party committee


Campaign and visibility committee

-        It is your task to introduce people to SAM and what SAM has done over the last couple of years

-        Prepare and organize the elections with the board

-        This is the committee for external promotion in real life

Events committee

-        Organizing the bigger SAM activities, such as Night of the Profs or Teacher or the year.

-        Be creative to make the SAM events unforgettable

-        You will also learn a lot about organizing events

Think tank committee

-        Help the board with thinking about the policies of the university

-        What do you think should/could be better at TiU?

-        Do research with polls and questionnaires to ask what your fellow students think about the university

-        Most content based committee

Acquisition committee

-        Help SAM get revenue

-        You are the salesperson of fractie SAM

-        Get in touch with companies

International committee

-        Think tank about how internationals can be integrated better to our university

-        You are the contact person with international students

-        Get in touch with institutions to promote internationalization

Social media committee

-        Create and improve our social media content

-        How should SAM inform students about what is going on at our university