#9 - Carla Grigoras

Hi, my name is Carla Grigoras and I am a TSB student, currently pursuing a premaster in Human Resource Studies. Starting in September, I would like to continue with the Master in Human Resource Studies.

As an HR student with previous work experience, one of my interests lies in the labour market, and most specifically, in making sure students have the right skills and feel prepared to enter the labour market after their studies.  With more and more students focusing on finding a job after their studies, gaining professional skills during their education becomes imperative. Therefore, I believe all courses should offer their students the option to gain these skills.

Additionally, with Tilburg University’s profile on International Orientation, and the amount of international students growing every year, the focus on internationalization is increasing. As an international student myself, I believe more help can be given to international students during their introduction period, as well as further into their studies.