#7 - Stanislas Wäger


My name is Stanislas Wäger, I am 22 years old and was born in France. I currently am in my second year of International Business Administration (IBA) studies. Aside of my studies I am an active member at I*ESN Tilburg where I currently am head bar manager at Carpé Noctem.

As an international student, it is important to me to share my positive experiences for others to profit from, and even more important to share my negative experiences with my colleagues from SAM so we can work hand in hand to achieve one of my main goals: The improvement of facilities for internationals. I strongly believe that student party SAM is on the right track, and our commitment to the internationalisation program of Tilburg university can be reflected in the growing amount of internationals joining the fight for a better university within our party. In my opinion improving the facilities for internationals starts by restructuring the student desk toward a better organized and more effective approach in the welcoming of international students. This translates into working towards partnerships with student housing companies to guarantee adequate accommodation and a faire rent for incoming students. Furthermore, as Tilburg university benefits from a growing international crowd, I put a lot of value on the benefits of interactions and idea sharing through the support of international involvement, like the increase of language cafés, that will hopefully result in a better cooperation of all students. Last but not least, lectures should only be taught by qualified teacher. We first request a minimum of 75% of all lectures to be taught by senior teachers, and second that all teaching staff has an impeccable level of English.