Achievements 2016/17

Achievements 2016/17

With the fourth council behind us we look back on our achievements so you can see what we are doing!

- Internships for credits

In the flexible semester the student has the possibility to choose between a minor, exchange or an internship. We have also suggested the idea whether there are possibilities to do this internship in the summer.

- Sports canteen

We have been working on this process for three years. As a result there is a beautiful new sports canteen at the sports fields at the end of 2017.

- Only online submission of papers

From September 2017 it will no longer be necessary to hand in your papers and assignments hardcopy. Because of our initiative, only online submission of papers is used throughout the university.

- Extra workstations

In April 2017, when a new building is rented, at least 60 extra workstations will become available for students.

- Indexation of government grants

As a result of a proposal by the SAM Group, management stock exchanges are also indexed to inflation (Only positive).

- Pilot "Flex study"

Top athletes, informal carers and entrepreneurs can make use of the possibility to pay per profession. With a minimum of 30 ECTS per year.

- Bicycle repair shop together with Enactus

Through our initiative, the university offers opportunities to a socially responsible bicycle repair shop in cooperation with Enactus.

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