CFI questionaire 2 November 2016

November 02, 2016

On 2 November 2016, fractie SAM had a number of questions and suggestions in the Committee on Finance and Infrastructure.

First of all, fractie SAM has identified a permanent problem with workplaces on campus. We raised this issue in the questionnaire and asked the Executive Board for an update on short-term solutions. The Board indicated that it was constantly looking for solutions. A suggestion from SAM, to realize a temporary extra University Library outside the campus, such as the PopUB from Leiden, was therefore welcomed with open arms and will be seriously considered.

Furthermore, the SAM Group proposed to set up notifications for classrooms that are not reserved, so that students know that there is study space there. This does not seem feasible in the short term, but will be included in the further development towards a "smart campus". This will start soon.

Tilburg University scores poorly on the connection with the labour market. This despite the fact that both study associations and the university organise a huge number of activities on this theme. Thanks to an Asset idea, fractie SAM proposes to create a large screen outside on the campus, on which all activities concerning career development and personal development can be seen. We call this Narrowcasting XXL. The first reaction of the Board is very positive, we will keep you informed about this!

Fractie SAM