Preview Night of the Profs

October 05, 2016

The closing event at Campus Festival Night University is the final party. All attendees come to building A, to be able to get wild between the lecture halls. So there is no better place for a preview of Night of the Profs 2016!

The previewset was of course done by Ton Wilthagen, a.k.a. DJ Hi-Tone! The theme of the evening, Face your fears, was of course not forgotten by DJ Hi-Tone. Equipped with scary masks and a Ghostbustersshirt he played a special set with the theme "NO FEAR". The guests were pummelled with scary songs, to go to increasingly cheerful songs. You danced your fears away!

The preview was successful, ticket sales start fast. We hope to see you all in STUDIO on November 17, at Night of the Profs 2016!

Fractie SAM