University Council 14 November 2016

November 14, 2016

On 14 November 2016, the second University Council of the academic year took place. The agenda was short: the evaluation of the fungus problem and the evaluation of the digital submission pilot were the only items on the agenda. Nevertheless, we have some good news to report: the evaluation of the digital submission of the pilot, following our initiative "Paperless is More", is positive! As a result, digital submission of papers and assignments will become the standard in 2018, and students will not have to submit paper versions. The coming year will be used for the research of various programs, the implementation of the project. SAM remains closely involved in this!

SAM has also submitted a memo about setting up a Honors Academy. SAM Group sees that too little has happened with this idea from the Strategic Plan 2014-2017. Interviews with the coordinators of the existing Honors programs confirm this picture. The SAM Group has therefore set out its vision on the Honors Academy in the memo. We want to make sure that both excellent and highly motivated students get opportunities. Read the entire memo here!

We also made our voices heard in the council committees, prior to the University Council. In the R&D&V committee we were strongly present in the discussion of the digital submission pilot. In CTIF-CFI, we were particularly active in the round table. You can read a report of this here!

Fractie SAM