Update Sportkantine

November 02, 2016

The Executive Board and Facility Services have provided the Finance and Infrastructure Committee with an update on the Sports Canteen.

The process for the canteen is now running smoothly. It was decided to expand the current building by the fields. The wishes and requirements list of the sports clubs will not be reduced. However, in consultation with the associations, we will try to reduce the costs of the project by choosing materials and such.

A budget memorandum will be presented to the University Council on 16 December. If the advice is positive, further preparations and tenders can be started. Construction can then start in February. This means that the deadline of September is feasible! The Board recognises the great importance of this deadline, just like fractie SAM, and does everything in its power to meet it.

The communication problems towards the sports clubs, which for some time was inadequate, have improved considerably. Fractie SAM is pleased to have contributed to this. In the further process, the university will maintain good contact with FOSST and the sports associations.

Fractie SAM