Our vision

Student Party SAM is a party of the University Council, in which we represent students’ interests. We represent all students. Student Party SAM ensures that all students of Tilburg University can fulfill their ambitions. We believe that Tilburg University students have a lot of ambition during their student life. Whether it is inside and/or outside their curriculum, students want to fulfill their ambitions and maximize their student time. We aim to ensure that all students will receive the opportunities to fulfill those ambitions. We are passionate about education and the development of students, we are a reliable partner and represent students in a proactive way. We are not afraid to take on challenges and involve students in our ideas. Students behold SAM as THE student party that represents their interests. We do this by adhering to four pillars: Quality of Education, Student Facilities, Labor Market and Extracurricular Development.

Our pillars

  • Quality of Education: SAM strives for education of high quality at Tilburg University. We focus therefore on the following topics: Excellent Teachers, Quality of your Degree, Digitalisation, Soft Skills and Innovation of Education.

  • Student Facilities: SAM aims for good student facilities, because it forms the basis for students to fulfill their ambitions. We focus on three types of facilities: Study Facilities, Sports Facilities and Facilities for Student Well-Being.

  • Labor Market: SAM believes that all students should be well-prepared for their future job. Education programs should connect to the requirements of the labor market. Furthermore, students should have sufficient possibilities to orientate themselves for their future career.

  • Extracurricular Development: SAM believes that extracurricular activities contribute significantly to the development of students. SAM will ensure that Tilburg University students value these activities properly and that there is enough space for students within their student life to participate in these activities.