Board 2016-2017

SAM 2016-2017

Yara Muller - Chairman
Student Business Economics (B) and Strategic Management (M)

Council Committee: Finance & Infrastructure
SAM: Campus & Students Facilities, Closing of the Academic Year, Design, New Years Drink, Periodic Consultations, Research & Initiatives, Students Council, TiGeAk, Tilburg University Society
Faculty Council: Tilburg School of Social and Behavorial Sciences - Stimulus

E: | T: 06-11212271


Jeroen Aben - Vice-chairman
Student International Business Administration (B)

Council Committee: Finance & Infrastructure
SAM: Board Grants, Campaign Team, Centraal Overleg Studentenfracties (COS), Denktank, Elections Coordinator, Raad van Besturen, Sports Associations and Sports Center

E: | T: 06-31331024


Bas Veldhuizen - Secretary
Student Econometrics and Operational Research (B)

Council Committee: Finance & Infrastructure
SAM: Denktank, Digitalization, Research & Initiatives, Reizigers Overleg Brabant, SAM Academy, SAM Easter Dinner, Social Media, Website
Faculty Council: Tilburg School of Economics and Management - ECCO

E: | T: 06-20937292


Marnick Boelen - Treasurer
Student Business Economics (B)

Council Committee: Education, Research & Valorization
SAM: Acquisition & Acquisition Committee, Centraal Overleg Studentenfracties (COS), Closing of the Academic Year, Cluster Work & Internship, Labor Market Orientation, Night of the Profs, Raad van Besturen, SAM Academy

E: | T: 06-22008259


Anneloes van Delft - External Affairs
Student Liberal Arts and Sciences (B)

Council Committee: Education, Research & Valorization
SAM: Contact person Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO) and Landelijk Overleg Fracties (LOF), Corporate Social Responsibility, Gender & Diversity Policy, Internationalization, National affairs, Replacement Executive Board Member, SAM Teacher of the Year-election, TiU-website, Voice Of the International Students (The VOIS)
Faculty Council: Tilburg School of Humanities - Dante, Tilburg School of Catholic Theology - TST

E: | T: 06-11817201


Romy van Limpt - Executive Board Member
Student Law (B + M)

Council Committee: Executive Board, Education, Research & Valorization
SAM: Actieve Members Day, Catering & Sodexo, Contact person Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO) and Landelijk Overleg Fracties (LOF), First Years Committee, National affairs, Quality of Education, Opening of the Academic Year, SAM-pluim
Faculty Council: Tilburg Law School - Vrijspraak

E: | T: 06-55507507