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The board of this year consists of the following people:

Gijs Reukers - Chairman

Robin van der Beek - Vice Chairman

Kalliopi Argyraki - Daily Board

Janneke Hoenders - External Affairs Officer

Rebecca Mooren - Secretary

Mart Senden – Treasurer

Rachelle Jacobs - Event Manager

Nataliia Vdovychenko – International Officer

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Gijs Reukers


Student Finance (Msc)
Committee for the council: Education, Research and Impact
SAM: Spokesman, Labor market orientation, Internships, Tilburg University Society, T.E.P 2.0 and Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO)
Facultycouncil: Tilburg School of Economics and Management (ECCO)


Phone: +31 6 54 39 23 27       

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Robin van der Beek

Vice Chairman

Student Economics and Business Economics (B)
Committees for the council: Finance and Infrastructure
SAM: Board grants, Contact SOTS, Convenant, Internationalization, Honors Academy, Studentcouncil, Night of The Profs and University Forum
Facultycouncils: Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Science (TSB) and Stimulus, Tilburg School of Catholic Theology (TST)


Phone: +31 6 13 18 76 77

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Kalliopi Argyraki

Daily Board

Student Philosophy (B)
Committee for the council: Daily Board and Education, Research and Impact
SAM: Student wellbeing, University Forum, Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO), Quality Agreements, Healthy Campus, Corporate Social Responsibility and Quality of Education
Facultycouncil: Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences (TSHD) – Dante


Phone: +31 6 21 95 33 14

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Janneke Hoenders

External Affairs Officer

Student Communication and Information Sciences (B)
Committee for the council: Finance and Infrastructure
SAM: Committee Structure, Contact Study Associations, Contact FOSST, Contact FS, Contact LIS, Contact Sodexxo,Osiris and Canvas, DEEP, Convenant, TiU Website, Campus Facilities and Contact Bonheur Horeca Group
Facultycouncil: Tilburg Law School (TLS), Vrijspraak


Phone: +31 6 18 41 02 12

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Rebecca Mooren


Student Corporate Law and International Business Law (LLM)
SAM: Social Media, Website, Minutes, Visibility Days, Campaign and Visibility Committee and Social Media Committee


Phone: +31 6 27 85 16 17

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Mart Senden


Student Communication and Information Sciences (B)
SAM: Acquisition, Budget, Declarations, Contribution and Acquisition Committee


Phone : +31 6 14 49 79 11


Rachelle Jacobs

Event Manager

Student Dutch Law (B)
SAM: Teacher of the year election, Whitsum dinner, Night of the Profs, Constitution drink, Night University, Old party auction, Event committee


Phone : +31 6 21 60 76 75


Nataliia Vdovychenko

International Officer

Student Online Culture: Art, Media, Society (B)
SAM: International network, International activities, Contact international office, International promotion, International committee


Phone : +380 63 977 60 69